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Mine's Michael. Let's not be strangers for much longer.
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Are you interested in personalised rock sticks or personalised rock sweets? *

Thanks {{answer_24191489}}, What quantity of rock are you interested in? *

Describe the colours you would like for the outside of the rock *

We can combine up to three colours to make some lovely combinations, or you can choose a single colour.
What would you like to say as the words inside your sticks of rock? *

We can do up to about 13 characters but please ask and we will guide you as to what is possible. Also any symbol you would like in the centre, e.g. a heart.
Describe the design you would like for your custom label. *

We will discuss the exact design with you further, this is just to get an initial idea from you. Please email any photos you would like to use to enquiries@personalised-rock-sweets.com
When would you like your rock made for you by? *

It normally takes 10-14 days to process your order for personalised rock. Once we've received this request we will contact you by email to confirm your order.
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